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Jay-Z's dating history includes Aaliyah, Mya, Foxy Brown, and more. Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.Irish pound - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_pound The Irish Pound (Irish: Punt ? Its ISO 4217 code was IEP, and the usual notation was the prefix ? First pound · Second pound · Hidden inflation Exchange - Currency Information Irish pound. Learn more about money, currency, banknotes, coins, history, as well as current and past exchange rates. The Irish pound was made up of 100 pennies ("pingin" in ... IEP | Irish Punt | OANDA https:// Information about the ISO code IEP. ireannach) was the currency of the Republic of Ireland until December 31, 2008. | Forex Crunch Forex Bits Ireland may eventually leave the Euro-zone, abandon the Euro currency. Ireland Pound to United States Dollar com › XE Currency Converter - Live Rates IEP to USD currency converter.

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He is arrogantly disrespectful and very delusional, thinking he is some hot stud (*cough* he needs to look in the mirror).

The incident that also confirmed the cheating rumors is Beyonce smirking when her sister Solange punched and kicked Jay Z in an elevator for trying to ditch his wife to go cheat again.

Beyoncé and Jay Z built a brand, an empire and a family.

And the couple is now officially worth more than a billion dollars.

If one surfaces, he'll be high atop the list of celebrity with sex tapes.

The loves, exes and relationships of Jay-Z, listed by most recent.

More creative suggestions have derived from the claim linking Jay-Z and Beyoncé to the Illuminati, a group of individuals said to be set on controlling world affairs to establish a New World Order.

Among the speculative suggestions is the claim that Ivy is an acronym for "Illuminati's very youngest".

Show of hands, how many married women reading this article would want a woman hugging her husband in the manner seen in the photo on the right of Rita Ora coming up to Jay Z from behind and intimately hugging him, like she used to do her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, in the picture on the left (and she did this in front of everyone at a music industry gathering, where Jay Z did nothing to stop her, disrespecting his wife).

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