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is a high-concept, low-budget comedy that drops in on nine couples the night they conceive a child, which in several cases was not the intended consequence.

The film is understandably too sketchy to dig deeply into any of these relationships but the film does underscore what most rom-coms cheerfully ignore — that sex has a biological as well as a recreational function.

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Of course, the children toss around the usual ideas - the stork, the sky, various animal references and, of course, sex.

However, the film that follows examines more wholly where babies truly come from - the relationships, the environments, the fights, the passions, the acts and the idiosyncrasies. While the concept itself isn't a particularly original one, writer/director Josh Stolberg (has such a remarkable gift for authentic dialogue and a terrific sense of comic timing that all nearly works anyway. There's a sort of fumbling tenderness to this scene that is painted so innocently that it's likely to bring back memories of your own first time with its mixture of "This is going to last forever" and "There's no way this can possibly last." Ahhhh, memories!

She later starred in the short-lived sitcoms The Fighting Fitzgeralds (2001) and Lost at Home (2003), and appeared in several films, most notably the sports drama film Friday Night Lights (2004) and the thriller film The Last Winter (2006).

Britton received positive reviews from critics for her performance as Tami Taylor on the NBC/Direc TV drama series Friday Night Lights (2006–2011).

One sleep-deprived woman (Jennifer Jostyn) has a newborn, which doesn’t allow much love for her sex-deprived husband (Alan Tudyk), although the real reason for a lack of intimacy is that she can’t stand what having a baby did to her body.

Two other married couples (Jonathan Silverman & Jennifer Finnigan and America Olivo & Tim Griffin) seem to need a squabble to get them going — one a more serious kind than the other. A squeamish husband (Jason Mantzoukas) must inject his nurse-wife (Connie Britton) with hormones to aide her fertility while a lesbian couple (Pamela Adlon & Moon Bloodgood) shares candlelight and a container of donated sperm.

If Stolberg hadn't apparently insisted on incorporate nine couples, NINE, into the picture is unquestionably one of the year's funniest of Indy Film Fest's official selections. Laurie (Jennifer Finnigan) and Brad (Jonathan Silverman) have been married for awhile now, and sex las lost its romanticism.

There are four couples who get the bulk of the screen time - Tracey (Sarah Hyland) and J. (Matt Prokop), a young and adorably mismatched couple contemplating losing their virginity with one another on one condition ... There's a glimpse of the couple that they used to be, but it gets lost in translation as Brad tries to finish reading a chapter of a Harriet Tubman biography before they "do it." You know, fuck.

The riskier sequences involve couples that don’t seem right for parenthood.

One involves teenagers, where the girl (Sarah Hyland) trades her virginity for the boy’s (Matt Prokop) vow to eat vegetarian.

Instead, the coed earned a degree in Asian studies from Dartmouth College, which included a semester in Beijing, learning to speak Chinese. The college grad spent two years training with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse; some of his past students were Grace Kelly, Steve Mc Queen and Diane Keaton.

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