Is race an issue when dating

Someone of Asian descent may be the same shade as someone of European descent. In addition to skin color, features such as hair texture and face shape have been used to classify people into races.

The students will also use video segments from the PBS series African American Lives 2 to form a basis for the understanding of the factors influencing black identity in this country, including the "one drop rule" and cultural and socioeconomic distinctions.

In the Culminating Activity, students will reflect on the evidence they have explored in the earlier portions of the lesson to write a position paper arguing for or against the continuance of racial grouping in our country's future.

Data from the United States does indeed show that many singles have a preference for their own race, and this is not just true of white people.

This can be seen in the wide number of niche dating sites that are out there: sites for Christian, Muslims, disabled people, sugar daddies and more.

The Introductory Activity of this lesson consists of a variety of hands-on and online classification exercises that provide first-hand experience with the difficulties inherent in the processes of determining group belonging.

The students will understand that any human classification scheme is likely to have fuzzy boundaries, and is subject to subjective interpretation.

According to Time, when examining 126,134 newly signed-up members of the online-dating website OKCupid over two and a half months, researchers at UC San Diego discovered that ethnic groups overwhelmingly stuck to their own kind when selecting potential dates.

The only outliers of the sticking-to-their-own-race trend were Asian women, who approached white men more often than they did Asian men.

The world of online dating still shows large racial prejudices towards certain groups.

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