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He stamped B10 on two cards while this number is still unstamped on at least two other cards.

Also, some of the numbers you hear aren't stamped at all.

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"I'll make it up to you, we'll do three hours tomorrow," she promises, before Todd says, "I'll take care of her."And while Adam is worried about losing Becky, Alli is worried about giving Leo too much as she thinks he's already expecting her to have sex with him after their next date.

At least Clare (Aislinn Paul) gets to chime in via Skype for the girl talk session! She tries to douse the sparks between Miles (Eric Osbourne) and Zoe (Ana Golja), literally, by pouring water on them from a balcony.

Fun, energetic, with a magnetic look and intense stare — Imogen would hate for anyone to think she's boring, so she goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd.

She puts on airs of being an enlightened individual, when it's really a ploy to manipulate those around her.

When playing bingo with multiple cards, around 36mins in, Jack is suppose to be super focused.

However the cards clearly show that he is not stamping the called numbers on all the cards.She continues to dress in her unique style and suggest her crazy ideas, but has dramatically toned down her look and made a wide circle of friends.Imogen also became more edgy and serious as a result of discovering her father, Louis Moreno, has dementia and being bitterly reunited with her estranged mother, Natalie Granger.Limbs are easily manipulated, breasts jiggle when long-dead corpses are moved, and in general it is glaringly evident that the actors portraying dead bodies are anything but.See more » All the survivors are played by actors that look 25-28.See full summary » An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small actual town of Chester's Mill, Maine, USA, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization.

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