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It’s hard to be patient, but if you can save the big revelations until the relationship has had a chance to grow, you reduce your chances of overwhelming your new partner.It isn’t necessarily your fault if the other person feels overwhelmed.

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i recently met a great guy online, we talked for a while over the phone before we met.

when we did finally meet it felt like we had know each other our whole lives.

Most of us agree that moving too quickly in dating can be a problem.

Many men and women get their hope of being in lasting relationship bash for taking it too fast too soon.

before we parted ways for the night we kissed and we def have amazing chemistry, and he says the same.

a few days after we where talking on the phone and he admitted he was falling in love with me, i feel it too, but i’m worried its too fast.When you first meet someone new, you don’t know about him much.You just use your imagination to paint a perfect image of that person in your mind.he says everything right and says he feels with everything in him that we are meant to be together.we have not had sex yet, he says our relationship means more to him than that, and wants to wait as long as we can. =================== Mike’s Thoughts I’m not sure how he could be “playing” you at this point.You not only increase the chance you’ll get some important honesty in reply, you also may forestall an argument that could lead to a premature breakup. Many of us are afraid that if others find out our deepest secrets and sources of shame, we’ll get rejected.

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