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Later this month Matheson can be seen in the title role of Granada's adaptation of Boris Pasternak's epic novel Dr Zhivago. Not bad for someone who until now has been more a background figure than an upfront face on the big and small screen - unless, that is, you've seen such arthouse fare as Stella Does Tricks. In December there's another supporting role in British chiller-thriller Deathwatch to add to small parts in Still Crazy and Les Miserables on his CV, but more immediately and more importantly there's the little matter of stepping into Omar Sharif's shoes.He may be straight and simply private or doesn't want to date. And going straight to the magazines to talk about it is suspect too.

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The Christmas Candle is an Impact and Big Book Media production presented by Britain's Pinewood Pictures. Indeed, according to Hans in an interview with Helen Earnshaw, the message of The Christmas Candle is "not just a Christian thing." Following is more of what he says about the film and the character he plays in it.

I take on the role of David Richmond, the reverend, and he has formed this anger towards God, because he lost his wife and his child tragically. For me, [The Christmas Candle] is a romantic comedy and it is not necessarily a message from the Christian faith; I just don’t see it like that - maybe some people do.

And others might recognise him from "Him&Her" (fantastic show). If I were a gay guy I'd be all over him (and Olly Murs of course)Well, I didn't imply he was gay, but there is something really fishy about his love life.

He has officially been single ever since his X Factor days ended.

'' I think we can take it that Gry is quite keen on him too then.

Out in the country Jackie Chan is chop-socking his way through his latest blockbuster, while Sean Connery is due in town to start filming the Victorian fantasy The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in a couple of weeks.

Before that, he had a firm belief and a faith in God and miracles. I think that there is a message in everything and in all paths towards, apparently, God: whether it is physics or whatever.

But [this tragedy] made him a little bit cynical and doubting of what he once believed. What is wonderful is that there is redemption in the end, in which he sees that all the times he thought good works would lead somewhere, providence was at work the whole time. That is not just a Christian thing because if you watch Brian Cox and his science programmes, it is the wonder of the universe and just sitting back and thinking ‘goodness me, I thought I was in control.’ There is just a miracle of being alive in this world. It is just whether or not it lights you up or not and if there’s a resonance in you about certain things.

And when he did his stint on the Chris Moyles Show last spring (for one whole week) he found every woman attractive.

The team even made fun of the fact that he would say that. :)You just jogged my memory on him as regards how lowkey he is and uses genderless formats in interviews.

Caitlin from Washington really likes Hans Matheson. When I arrive, the Czech capital is overrun by film crews.

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