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American Idol returns this week for its 15th and reportedly final season. Club talks to insiders about the entertainment business to shed light on how the pop-culture sausage gets made.

Soon he used his allowance to buy a cassette recorder at Radio Shack and began to interview his sister’s teenage friends.

Fast-forward three decades and his interview subjects have a tad more gravitas—Barack Obama, Tim Cook, and Bill Gates, to name a few.

An early season standout was Australian Michael Johns, who shockingly got eliminated early on because the at-home voters assumed he was automatically safe, and didn’t need their votes.

Johns’ elimination helped changed the course of the show, as future seasons gave the judges an automatic save in case that happened to another contestant (as it had to Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, and Jennifer Hudson) with so much promise. The final two that season winnowed down to Cook and another David, the teen-idol-esque Archuleta, but you could tell that their hearts weren’t really into any kind of rivalry.

“They had a growth chart on the wall on a doorway in the newsroom,” he recalls.

“When I would come in on school breaks, they would march me over and measure how much I had grown.” (He’s now five feet eleven inches.)THE HISTORICAL event he wishes he could have covered: “D-day, because of the incredible bravery and sacrifice.

He just blogged why he’s in town, saying, “I’m in L. for the time we have off right now and have had a couple of meetings involving the album, which were fun. Louis, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been there so it should be fun to see the big arch there haha.

Anyway I’ll try to get that blog up, even though it’s not fancy or anything haha, so you guys can at least see it soon. On , a couple named Katee and Will danced to my performance “Imagine.” I thought that was way cool!

A-listers shared their sorrows and sympathies, and many of them reflected that Ms.

Reynolds had died because she had been so brokenhearted over the loss of her daughter. • Ryan Seacrest • Ellen De Generes • Sad Sad • Larry King • Demi Lovato • Dane Cook • Twitter • Bob Saget • Carson Daly • John Legend • Olivia Munn • Health • Alyssa Milano • Ed Helms • Instagram • Viral: News • Joel Mc Hale alum's sudden passing.

On the third season of “Married at First Sight,” no couple has struggled more to connect than Ashley Doherty and David Norton, and Tuesday night’s season finale (part 1) confirmed the writing that has been on the wall for some time — they’re getting divorced.

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