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In the cyber world, parents have viable concerns about bullying, predators, and the unknown.

The good news is no matter what your parenting style, there’s an app that suits your comfort level.

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He started getting more and more focused on his game and losing interest in baseball and reading while refusing to do his chores.

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These are just two examples of tools available to the victims of crimes that can assist them in retrieving their stolen items.

In some cases, the devices were merely lost and the finders may need some help (or encouragement) to return the products to their rightful owners.

Drag an image you shot with the device into a Web page and a free service searches popular photo sites for other images taken with the camera.

If the thief posted a picture taken with the camera to his or her personal account, he or she is busted. Sign into your Dropbox or Gmail account and look for the most recent IP address used when accessing the account.

If you file a police report for stolen equipment, the form will ask for this information, and having the serial number makes it much easier to reclaim your property.

If you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, you've probably been instructed to photograph your valuable personal property.

While parents give their teens the freedom to explore their own interests and make their own mistakes, it’s incredibly nerve-wracking to send your teenager out into the world.

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