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We have developed a specialised virtual grid component based on TCustom Draw Grid for our application.In our grid we focus individual cells (go Row Select is off) however we highlight the current focused row. Unfortunately this procedure is not virtual and is private.

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Any DML operation, such as an INSERT, or DELETE, UPDATE, or DDL operation on any dependency in the materialized view will cause it to become invalid.

To revalidate a materialized view, use the ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW COMPILE statement.

We will examine it, and do our best to find a solution. Hi Ingvar, in our cx Tree List we use the properties Hot Track to mark the row where the mouse cursor is positioned. Thank you Hello, I am afraid Ingvar cannot answer, he is absent for a week. It is not quite clear what version of our product you are currently using, but please take a look at the Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

We want to use the Hot Track property for the entire row and also for the single cell with two different colors. If the user moves the mouse across the rows, rows and cell are corrected painted with the Hot Track property color that we want for row and cell. Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

if which radio button is select that row will select and i want that row column values in outside individual textboxes of next page.

but in that only single radiobutton will select and no post back="true" bcz iam not using checked change property. if i click the that selected row and columns values are stored into textboxes of next page im using this code im getting one column in that row.Also, I do not understand why this method is required. Repaint();), that you suggest us previously to invalidate a row, but don’t work. Perhaps, we will be able to offer another solution to you. If you try to expand columns with double click for apply best fit to the column, you reproduce my problem (you see it on number column): some cells text are truncate. May we ask you to open a new issue for each question, suggestion or a bug report you want to post? Is possible to change the border style of the focus rectangle from dashed to solid line?Please provide us with more detailed information about this task in a step-by-step manner. Is there another method to use, without invalidate the whole grid? What I can do for expand columns like Apply Best Fit also for cells with bold value? I attached my little example where you can see my problem: when I select a cell, the border of focus rectangle is dashed. The problem is always the same: with bold text there are some problem, the width of cells text, that procedure found, is not large enough. So I tried to redefine Apply Best Fit procedure, like in your example in issue Q209413, where you use a procedure to control the cells text width of a selected column and then apply the best text width that procedure found to column width.However, if a column has been dropped in a table referenced by a materialized view or the owner of the materialized view did not have one of the query rewrite privileges and that privilege has now been granted to the owner, you should use the following statement to revalidate the materialized view: ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW mview_name COMPILE; The state of a materialized view can be checked by querying the data dictionary views USER_MVIEWS or ALL_MVIEWS.

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