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Invalidating cache due to ioctl dating site for disabled singles

This prevents the overhead of replicating cached data to all the nodes and increasing heap usage and greater network traffic.

Note: the only exception to not using type "Not_Shared" is for the procurement cache and punchout.

(Alternatively, you could overload the existing update Queries to handle this by returning a special sentinel value instead of an updated query result.) The effect of invalidating a query removes the query results from the cache but does not immediately cause a refetch.

Instead, a refetch will occur the next time the query is run.

Types of Replication: In Commerce we recommend to only use the NOT_SHARED type, but I want to mention the other types as well to be concise.

There are three replication settings for dynamic cache that can be used: In Commerce, we recommend to only use NOT_SHARED type so only the invalidation is shared across nodes.

With that said, it is hard to talk about caching without discussing DRS (Data Replication Service).

DRS is a critical service that ensures that the cache is fresh and accurate across all nodes in a cluster by replicating and invalidating the data.

Configuration: When creating a Commerce clustered environment, you will need to create a replication domain if not done so during initial cluster setup. At the bottom of the page, you will see the consistency settings.

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