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The caveat will last for six months, although it can be renewed.

Often, the dispute will be resolved before it reaches court.

A rule of law, statutory or judicial, that accepts the validity of a fact until it is rebutted. Accompanying the competency standard is a minimum age requirement, which is usually age 18. Robert was 79 years old when he decided to prepare his will.

If someone believes the Will is invalid, or believes they have a valid claim against the estate, should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

One of the first steps that can be taken to protect their interests is to apply for a ‘caveat’ which prevents the assets of the estate being distributed pending the outcome of the dispute.

In effect what you need to prove is that the person making the Last Will did not have enough understanding of what they were doing to be capable – under Law – of making a valid Will. What you need to be able to show is that someone has wrongly influenced the person making the Will to their benefit or to the benefit of another person. However, where the person allegedly doing the influencing is a person on whom the testator (person whose Will it was) is very dependent then it is perhaps easier to convince the Court.

In some cases the burden of proof will actually be reversed especially where the person concerned is a carer. Where a Will is made “under duress” it means that the person was effectively forced to make the Will under threat of some sort – real or perceived.

Anyone who has a beneficial interest, or potential beneficial interest in the deceased’s estate, can contest a Will if they believe they have a valid claim.

Typically, those who contest a Will are the surviving spouse, children, cohabitee and other dependents, such as adult children who were being financial supported by the deceased, and children who are treated as a child of the family.When a civil partnership is registered, any Will that either partner has previously made will be automatically revoked.In Scotland, this law does not apply, and therefore getting married does not automatically mean that your existing Will is revoked.Some reasons for the probate of a Will to become contentious ( is the trade jargon for contesting a Will or intestacy in the UK).Here are some of the grounds to contest a Will (please bear in mind this site covers issues in England and Wales – the law north of the border is totally different and in NI slightly different): Contesting Wills under these circumstances is common.There are all sorts of reasons people may decide to contest a Will. However, we do have an arrangement with an expert and relatively inexpensive firm of solicitors who are very active in this specialist area.

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