Intuition dating

It's that internal feeling, that prevailing thought that tells you something isn’t right before any signs even appear.

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In time, my instincts gave me a big “I told you so.” Everything I suspected turned out to be true and the most painful breakup probably in the history of the world (or at least, in the history of my life) followed.

Looking back, it’s frustrating to think how much time, energy, and hurt I would have spared myself had I listened to my instincts. Eric and I noticed that the girls who ask us super long winded questions–padding what could be a simple one sentence questions with a million examples and justifications–are the least likely to take the advice we offer and will instead counter with an equally long-winded rebuttal to everything we have to say (that is, if what we say isn’t what they want to hear, which it probably won’t be since what they want to hear is: “The fact that he never texts you back or won’t call you his girlfriend means nothing, this guy is in love with you and you should expect a diamond ring on your finger any day now! The reason we know these girls won’t listen is because all they’re hearing is the clatter of justifications instead of the sound guidance of their gut.

They say advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t and they are so right!

Your gut is a powerful tool in life and especially in relationships.

I actually know quite a bit about those.) However, the email below, which was sent to me by a reader that I also consider a friend, hit really close to home. How do you bounce back from all the whack situations and disappointments? This is a really good mind trick to never date again!

In short: gearing up to get back out there but terrified.” Ok, so a few things – First of all, if you’re not ready to date – that’s totally OK. If feels like the most authentic and right thing for you right now; follow your intuition.

There’s no ironclad answer for every person and every circumstance.

But as you’re trying to figure out how to decipher that small inner nudge, here are some important questions to ask yourself: 1. If your intuition and your rational thinking are telling you the same thing, you probably have nothing to worry about.

And as women, we have the upper hand and have been given the gift of “women’s intuition.” It’s something we all possess and it can be fine tuned to work optimally.

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