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Does the shaken condition from effects like Intimidate count as “an effect with the fear descriptor” for the purpose of blocking spells with emotion components? It should say “fear effect,” and for most descriptors, these wordings are sometimes used interchangeably.

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The image should explain how the different modes work.

My suggestions: Hidden on Smart on for BGs Hidden off Smart on for Arenas Adding spells yourself is fairly straightforward, just edit the lua file.

Benefit: When you score a critical hit against an opponent in melee, you also cause a bleeding wound.

The opponent takes 2 points of damage next round and each round thereafter from blood loss.

Warriors can select Battle Shout as one of their warrior bonus feats.

Benefit: When you are the target of a spell, you may disrupt the casting and counter its effects.

If used with Hidden mode, they realign to the anchor.

How to: Set number of columns for bar 1 (main bar) to 5 /juked cols 1 5 Set number of columns for bar 2 (prio bar) to 12 /juked cols 2 12 Put all cooldowns on one line for bar 1(main bar) /juked cols 1 0 If you think something else should be added to the how to command examples, post in comments.

/cleartarget /run if not In Combat Lockdown()then SB=SB or Create Frame("Button","SB",nil,"Secure Action Button Template")SB: Set Attribute("type","stop")end /click SB /cast !

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