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UNITY™ is the first android-based cardio console on the market that enables gym members to stay connected with their fitness club and lifestyle wherever they go.

The UNITY™ console works like a tablet and has a range of innovative, intuitive features including TV, Bluetooth music transmission, Skype, the Internet, games as well as personalised training programmes and virtual outdoor training scenarios.

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They create a virtual identity for themselves - known as an avatar - and effectively become that person.

They transform themselves into whatever they want to be.

So the misfit with no friends becomes a hunky sex god, lusted after by beautiful women with unfeasibly perfect bodies.

The young woman whose horizons stretch no further than the call centre where she works is a glamorous figure in the fashion world.

He was logged on with around 50 other users to a special "insult" chatroom where people "have a go at each other".

The great joy of childhood is unfettered imagination - it is the best toy in the world. The real world intrudes with all its limitations and barriers.

That's all it takes to enter the world of Second Life or Habbo Hotel or the Entropia Universe or a dozen other online virtual reality websites. These are worlds that were entirely alien to me - in every sense - when I began to peer into them.

Only after police arrived to find Abraham Biggs dead in his father's bed did the Web feed stop Wednesday - 12 hours after the 19-year-old Broward College student first declared on a Web site that he hated himself and planned to die."It didn't have to be," said the victim's sister, Rosalind Bigg.

Friends said that the breakdown of his marriage with wife, Paula - with whom he had 12-year-old twins - and the recent death of his father had also been causing him some distress.

Mr Whitrick told users of web-chat site Pal Talk what he was going to do two hours before he killed himself on Wednesday night.

Scroll down for more Stunned by what they had witnessed - broadcast on a popular chatroom website used by millions of people across the globe - chatroom users immediately contacted the police.

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