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So far the only extra is a 10-Part Multi-Angle Interview with Lynch. Moreover, viewers will have the option of enjoying the episodes in either new 5.1 Surround Sound or the original 2.0 network television audio. The details have not been confirmed yet, but sources say one of the included extras may indeed be Industrial Symphony #1!

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NEWSCASTER: Tonight, the secrets, which are no longer secrets, belong to a public figure- ANNOUNCER: The Republican mayor of Spokane, Washington, James West, had been caught living a double life.

BILL MORLIN, Reporter, The Spokesman-Review: He's saying that he met the mayor on line and that they'd gone a date and engaged in consensual sex.

And I'm thinking, "Holy mackerel." ANNOUNCER: But how had the deepest secrets of a private man been uncovered?

DAVID POSTMAN, Reporter, The Seattle Times: The newspaper relied on this expert to design the sting.

Nikki thus also frees herself from the curse of binary male projections: in the beginning she is the embodiment of the ideal, the glorious movie star, while Sue Blue (her film-within-the-film character) is the ultimate incarnation of the male nightmare – the castrating, violent and abused white trash female.

Nikki transcends both categories, she undoes the false split; in the end she is neither one nor the other but simply herself. Published by Oxford University Press for the Court of the University of St Andrews. The University of St Andrews is a charity registered in Scotland: No.

BILL MORLIN: The intention wasn't to bait anyone, the purpose of our investigation was to search for the truth.

Mayor JAMES WEST, Mayor of Spokane: Regardless of what the newspaper thinks, people do have a right to privacy. ANNOUNCER: Tonight on FRONTLINE, the real story behind a scandal.

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