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This pamphlet describes the signs of a healthy relationship, sets out the signs of an abusive relationship, explores some reasons why teens may stay in abusive relationships, and offers tips to help you stay safe while dating.

Having a safety plan may help you get out of dangerous situations when they do happen.

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In Australia, dating has been relatively limited, but dates of between 13,000 to 15,000 years old have been recorded in Queensland, and up to 28,000 years in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Given that Aboriginal people are believed to have arrived in northern Australia up to 50,000 years ago, Professor Veth said there was potential for older dates to emerge.

Mr Sims said the losses were proportionately higher than found in other non-Indigenous groups, with the total recorded losses this year amounting to almost $1.5 million.

The largest confirmed loss was from a woman, over 65 years old, who lost $800,000 to a dating scam."The less money people have, the more concerned we are that they're parting with it in response to a scam."Mr Sims said one of the worst scams targeting Indigenous people was people being told they could claim compensation for the bad treatment of their grandfather, before being asked to pay money to start the renumeration process."You can see there that is often going to be immediately credible, because a number of people these days would've had a grandfather that could well have been and probably likely was treated badly by the government," he said.

Yellow cedar (Cupressus nootkatensis) is a culturally, economically and environmentally significant species to the Pacific Northwest and was used extensively by indigenous peoples throughout the region.

At the Ozette Indian Village Archeological Site in Washington, cedar (either yellow or red) wood, bark, and roots, along with the remains of cedar houses were found all dating between 300 and 500 years ago.Professor Veth said the Kimberley region had one of the most diverse and abundant collections of Indigenous rock art in Australia."There are probably no reliable dates for the Kimberley, and yet here is one of the largest rock art galleries in the world, and probably the earliest concentration of figurative art anywhere in the world," he said."We're literally on the cusp now of dating it properly now, with all these different techniques, for the first time, so it's incredible exciting's a bit of a cyclonic event."I think there will be surprises, things we totally don't expect."The team used several different dating techniques on each painting to come up with the most reliable set of dates possible.His experience using the system however, has left him with a few successful dates, but also a realisation that there is a hierarchy in the gay community, just as in wider society.“The line ‘no rice or spice’ is a common quote on people’s profile description and I'm regularly calling people out on Grindr for promoting these comments.On the east coast of Vancouver island at the Little Qualicum River site cedar (either yellow or red) rope, matting, and a canoe bailer were found dating to approximately 1000 years ago.

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