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Since my research specializes in the material remains of ancient and prehistoric people, in a nutshell--I Study Dead People.

For more information, use the Google Search tool at the top of the page and SEARCH "What is Archaeology".

You have rejected her, probably completely wasted her time, and you want to remain ‘friends’?

Fine, so long as you don’t mind having ‘friends’ who would happily knit jumpers with your intestines." Funny, but frighteningly true.

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We start to feel guilty, start to wonder if we really can get another girl, and most of all, awake out of the very real fear that she could murder him in his sleep!

When women are dumped, it doesn’t matter how nice you may have been about it: all THEY see is the bad!

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Yes, for men, breaking up with women is no walk in the park.

Many times we wait ages to execute the deed we’ve wanted to do for weeks, months, even years.

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