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They are also highly detailed, going as far as instituting weekly minimum servings of Unfortunately, the drafters of the law forgot to consider whether the meals they were designing would taste any good.

Children across the country rejected the new meals upon rollout because the food tasted bad.

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Obesity is linked to a multitude of health risks such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and the law’s stricter regulations were justified specifically on these grounds.

The regulations are often remarkably specific, encompassing everything from ranges of acceptable calories and sodium content to an outright ban on white bread.

Consistent with the Supreme Court of Canada's direction in O'Malley, Central Alberta Dairy Pool, and Renaud, the initial burden is upon the employer to reasonably accommodate the employee's mental or physical disability.

To prove that its accommodation efforts were serious and conscientious, an employer by law is required to engage in a three step process: First, determine if the employee can perform his or her existing job as it is.

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Michael Lynk is a professor of law at the University of Western Ontario.

The article set out below is a summary of information presented by Professor Lynk at his presentation given to the Public Service Alliance of Canada in September, 1999.They even expressed their disgust by posting images of their meals on twitter with the hashtag Despite these failures, it is still conceivable that national meal regulations could be beneficial on net for encouraging healthier eating.Pro AV technology plays a central role in the function of a control room.Typical control room installations include an array of large format displays driven by a display wall processor that accepts inputs from a variety of information sources: desktop computer signals, broadcast and security video, among others.Modern display wall processors incorporate network elements, displaying network computers and video cameras and provide the ability to control sources displayed on the control room display wall.This responsibility requires the employer to look at all other possible positions.

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