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Die Serie erzählt von sieben Schülern der fiktiven Privat-High-School „Hollywood Arts“ in Los Angeles, an der unter anderem Schauspiel, Tanz und Gesang für künstlerisch begabte Schüler unterrichtet wird.

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While Tori is a great singer, dancer and actress, she doesn't realise it.

Gradually she finds out that she is a true entertainer and very talented.

Spencer (Jerry Trainor) drives the group to Los Angeles, where Carly, Sam, Freddie (Nathan Kress), Gibby (Noah Munck), and Spencer visit Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Monie (Jen Lilley), who happens to be a skilled make-up artist, and receive disguise makeovers to avoid being noticed from i Carly by others.

They then head off to the house of actor and comedian, Kenan Thompson, where Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), another friend of Tori's, is hosting a party that they suspect Steven and Tori are attending.

Nouveau départ, nouvelle vie, nouveaux amis mais aussi nouveaux ennemis ; Tori amorce le virage le plus serré de sa vie sur NICKELODEON !

Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 until February 2, 2013.

In den nachfolgenden Episoden stürzen sich Tori und ihre neu gewonnenen Freunde in lustige und oft skurrile Abenteuer.

Die Folgen sind in sich geschlossen und kehren an ihrem Ende im Wesentlichen zur Ausgangssituation zurück.

With the arrival of Trina's birthweek, Tori can't decide what to get her as a gift, and André suggests a song.

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