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Here are three ways to redirect your negative thoughts about yourself to something more positive: (1) Think of someone in your life in whose presence you feel really good about yourself – someone who leads you to believe you could do anything. See if you can place yourself in that person’s presence and feel the way you do when you are together.You might find that you are sitting up straighter and holding your head higher just at the thought.

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A Crazymaker is someone who feeds on negative energies and tends to pull everyone around them into major melodramas.

They are the type of people who have to either be the savior, the "I told you so", or the center of a situation.

You can increase your skill in dealing with the difficult people who surround you in your work world. But, how difficult a person is for you to deal with depends a lot on such factors as your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your professional courage.

Dealing with difficult people is easier when the person is just generally obnoxious or when the behavior affects more than one person. You do if you regularly feel intimidated, dread to work anywhere near a particular coworker and feel dismayed and upset about having to go to work.

They will do anything to take a calm and easy situation and turn it into a disaster to place them in the middle.

They will then come in and act as though it was your fault just to feed off of your negative vibes and become the hero.

Knowing When to Act Adopting the Attitude Taking Action Community Q&A Being mean and intimidating all the time can be exhausting and won't help you make any friends.

However, there are times when it's absolutely necessary to scare people off a little bit and to assert yourself.

If you answer yes to these questions, chances are that you’re one of 54 million Americans who has been targeted by a bully at work.

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