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She has been setting up well-to-do dudes for eight years through her Los Angeles-based business, the Millionaire's Club. "The men must be certified millionaires," says Stanger. I can spot them from 5 miles away, going, 'How many cars does he have? '" But once a guy offers gifts out of the goodness of his heart, anything goes. I've got an accountant who does taxes for the girls he dated for free." Stanger, who lived in New York before moving to L.

"I will check your lifestyle out - your homes, your cars, how you treat women." Ladies can be any age, race, weight and shape. A., maintains there's a difference when looking for love on the East Coast.

But before they're introduced to the women, they need to be date-ready.

"I have to diagnose their illness and find out why they're still single with all their money and looks," she says.

You won’t ever be limited to just one chat site again.

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