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We have been coming of age in the wellness department for as long as there have been practitioners being credentialed in the field of holistic healing.It is now a major part of our western medicine and culture to be integrated into how holistic tools can be a vital factor in our overall health and well being.

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Holistic health dating radioactive dating is also called

She personally designed Love Colors’ 13-question Myers/Briggs-style quiz to help users determine their own colors and pinpoint possible color matches—or clashes.

“Violets and tans are the exact opposite: violets have big dreams, while tans are very practical and logical,” says Oslie.

Taking a dip in the ocean, or a full-fledged swim in a major body of water, is also a big winner in the therapeutic effects of helping stress or anxiety.

Once submersion occurs, there is an instantaneous feeling of returning to the safety of the womb.

It is a natural occurrence to have that feeling rise up, and within the realm of suspension in water, the body’s response eases with the flow.these are the absolute essential oil remedies for handling overwhelm and stress.

All scents are based on the ayurvedic principle that applying small doses on certain “hot zones” of the body (temples, back of the neck, wrists, upper chest) will do wonders in creating more tranquility and peace.

Thanks to “conscious dating” websites like Eco Dater and Yoga Connect, connecting with like-minded singles is starting to get a lot easier. We tracked down three user favorites that just [ital: might] help you manifest that New Year’s resolution of finding love in 2011: Love Colors [update 12-14, site may no longer be functional] On this unique site, “What’s your favorite color, baby? Professional psychic Pamala Oslie launched the Santa Barbara-based site last September as a way for singles to connect based on aura compatibility.

“Users sign on and take our color questionnaire to find out their colors, along with all the other basic profile questions,” shares Oslie.

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