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Inter-religious relationships are still a taboo in India, particularly in rural areas.

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He said three people have been arrested and more were wanted over the killing, which is being treated as religiously motivated.

The young couple had been together for about a year and had faced threats in the past, Jha said.

Also, I would like to know what rules to follow as far as sexuality are concerned during the course of dating.

I am asking these questions now because I have already engaged in certain activities and do not wish to continue out of my desire to respect the man I am dating.

As the rule of religion states: a Muslim man cannot marry a hindu woman, nor can hindu man marry a Muslim woman. Upon your voluntary conversion to Islam, you would both would be allowed to get married.

Until that point, I would request both of you to refrain from all adult related activities.

Hinduism views marriage as sacramental however Islamic Nikaah (marriage) is a contract to obey Allah.

A non-Muslim is expected to take Shahadah oaths before the Nikaah.

NEW DELHI: A Muslim man was beaten to death for dating a Hindu girl in India, police said on Friday, in the latest mob violence against minorities in the country.

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