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When teenagers have confidence and resilience, they’re better able to tackle difficult situations and bounce back from tough times.

Confidence is the belief that you’ll be successful in a particular situation or at a specific task.

Your confidence is related to your self-esteem, which is feeling good about yourself and feeling that you’re a worthwhile person.

Entering puberty, during which the body changes considerably, is a time during which teens bodies and therefore their body images, need to undergo adjustment to stay related.

Being overweight or obese can diminish self-esteem.

Some girls with ADD (ADHD) begin to have social problems as early as preschool.

By elementary school years, the self-esteem of most girls with ADD (ADHD) has taken a battering. ADD (ADHD) symptoms are more congruent with stereotypes of boys.

For most boys with ADD (ADHD), parents, teachers and professionals struggle to get them to sit down, be quiet, and pay attention.

Certainly there are some girls with ADD (ADHD) who are active, argumentative or defiant, but many more girls struggle with issues such as: These issues often lead to low self-esteem that may later develop into clinical depression or an anxiety disorder.

Boys aren't expected to like school; it's not a surprise when a boy is loud, aggressive or defiant; boys aren't expected to be neat, orderly or always polite.

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