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The analysis on the timing of communication has revealed that the mathematical communication models of Thomas and of Jane Welsh suggest two opposite extremes of human behavior, while the analysis of the word frequency indicates the existence of distinctive vocabularies in each of the three groups of letters studied.

This paper presents the methods employed and a discussion of conclusions discerned, both of which result in a greater understanding of approaches to computational analysis and ways of using that methodology to enhance the humanistic understanding of these two prolific, and important Victorians.

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are employed with the intention of expanding the understanding of communication intervals.

The other major avenue of analysis in this study is the relationship between word frequencies and authorship.

The system was tested on 80 patients, achieved high diagnostic sensitivity (90%) and good specificity (65%) for lung cancer/precancer detection.

Short, Annette Mc Williams, Tawimas Shaipanich, Jianhua Zhao, Wenbo Wang, Guannan Chen, Stephen Lam, Haishan Zeng BC Cancer Agency Research Centre, Canada Diana Ionescu University of British Columbia, Canada A real-time endoscopic Raman spectroscopy system has been developed that takes 1 second to obtain a spectrum from the human lung in vivo.

Results: mi R-203 expression was downregulated, whereas expression of its target gene Snai2 (slug) was upregulated in human ovarian serous carcinoma tissue as compared to normal ovaries.

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