Grounds for invalidating

One of the principal ways of overcoming the presumption of validity is to attempt to find prior art which is more relevant to patentability of the claims than the prior art which was cited by the Patent and Trademark Office examiner. patent (issued more than a year before the filing date of the patent being evaluated) is the date the prior-art patent was issued.Such prior art may, for example, take the form of prior patents or publications. If the prior-art patent was issued within one year prior to the application filing date which eventually became the patent being evaluated, the effective prior-art date of the patent is the filing date of the application which became the prior-art patent.This generally provides some insight into what the examiner felt was patentable and what concessions or representations were made by the applicant.

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Your rich and -- you thought -- loving relative died, but when his last will and testament was read you were left not a penny.

If you stood to gain something from a will but were left out, you can challenge the will in court as a first step in invalidating the last will and testament and getting what you see as your fair share of the estate.

Read on to learn how to set aside a foreclosure sale and the circumstances that may warrant it.

(Learn more about foreclosure, options to avoid it, defenses to foreclosure, and more, in Nolo's Foreclosure topic area.) Generally, to set aside a foreclosure sale, the homeowner must show: State statutes lay out the procedures for a foreclosure.

is a judgment on the part of an ecclesiastical tribunal determining that a marriage was invalidly contracted or, less frequently, a judgment determining that ordination was invalidly conferred.

A matrimonial nullity trial, governed by the church's canon law, is a judicial process whereby a canonical tribunal determines whether the marriage was void at its inception (ab initio).

If the lower courts (First and Second Instance) were not in agreement, the case went automatically to the Roman Rota for final decision one way or another.

Certain conditions are necessary for the marriage contract to be valid in canon law.

Besides impediments, marriage consent can be rendered null due to invalidating factors such as simulation or deceit, or to psychological incapacity.

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