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The Young and the Restless' Greg Rikaart created quite a stir in the soap opera community when he recently went on record to say he hopes his longtime alter ego, Kevin Fisher, ends up being gay.

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Greg rikaart dating

“We fight hate, fear, bigotry, homophobia and injustice in the world with love, intellect and enlightenment.

In the truest and most pure definitions of the latter words, it is with full hearts that Rob and I take great pride in introducing our son, Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Sudduth,” he captioned the photo on Instagram.

Rikaart’s write-out will be seen by viewers this August.

Rikaart’s departure from the cast hasn’t been fully confirmed as voluntary, involuntary or a mix of both.

There are a few people I have that sort of familiarity and fun with at work, and Liz is such a great pal.

If Greg and I lived closer to each other, I’m sure we would see each other more often.

Digest: I just loved the recent scene when Chloe flashed Kevin. I, for sure, thought that everybody who was working at CBS that day had seen my right breast. Hendrickson: We always kept in touch, we always texted.

” I told him what happened and he said, “Well, believe me, if anyone would have seen that, it would’ve been me, and they didn’t catch it.” Even when we’re doing dress rehearsal, you can see it [on monitors] in your dressing room. Digest: You guys are real-life pals, but how often did you stay in touch when Liz was off the show?

And just what would Chloe do if her ex really turned out to be gay?

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