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Like many other gospels in the first three centuries, the text of Gos. Authorized by interpreting the written legacy of Jesus, Gos. maintained its autonomy and distinct identity by acts of creative attribution. defines the role of its community in constructing the fabric of society as a process of sapiental insight and research.

Thom.'s identification of this author as Jesus' brother Judas does not presuppose a knowledge of the NT, but "rests upon an independent tradition." In addition, the peculiar, redundant name Didymus Judas Thomas seems to be attested only in the East, where the shadowy disciple named Thomas (Mark par.; John 14:5) or Thomas Didymus (John ; ; 21:2) was identified with Judas in the Syriac NT and called Judas Thomas (John ).

The Gospel of Thomas is extant in three Greek fragments and one Coptic manuscript. The Coptic text was written shortly before the year 350 CE. Other documents that invoke the authority of Judas Thomas by name are also of Syriac origin, such as the Teaching of Addai, the Abgar legend (Eus. Accordingly, the naming of Judas Thomas as the ostensible author of Gos. serves to locate the likely composition of the text in a bilingual environment in E. While the cumulative nature of the sayings collection understandably makes the Gospel of Thomas difficult to date with precision, several factors weigh in favor of a date well before the end of the first century: the way in which Thomas appeals to the authority of particular prominent figures (Thomas, James) against the competing claims of others (Peter, Matthew); in genre, the sayings collection, which seems to have declined in importance after the emergence of the more biographical and dialogical forms near the end of the first century; and its primitive christology, which seems to presuppose a theological climate even more primitive than the later stages of the synoptic sayings gospel, Q. took Jesus seriously as a teacher who spoke with authority.

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E., Hippolytus quoes a variant of saying 4 expressly stated to be taken from a text entitled Gos. Possible references to this gospel by its title alone abound in early Christianity (e.g. For as Koester (in Layton 1989: 39) has shown, Gos.

The latest possible date would be toward the end of the 2d century, prior to the copying of P. 1 and the first reference to the text by Hippolytus. The fact that Judas "the Twin" was the apostolic figure particularly revered in Syriac-speaking churches is important evidence for the date and place of composition of the text.

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