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More importantly, dates have to be tailored to fit the type of couple you are.

It might interest you to know that Singapore offers an abundance of cool stuff to do to that will suit any couple’s interests!

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Living on an island-nation like Singapore, it becomes a challenge to find fresh activities and places to go to for dates.

You either go back to the same places for your usual dates, or follow the crowd and check out trending cafes you saw your friends posting about on Instagram or Facebook.

If your other half ever brought you to the places below, you know you must be that special someone who made him or her go the extra mile to discover them.

Some of them could be tucked away in a quaint and cosy corner of Singapore; some not the most common activities; and others you could hardly associate dating with (and yet it could be proven otherwise! You know you are exceptional when your partner is willing to try something different with you, such as savouring a mystery set dinner in complete darkness.

Collect some pictures and do scrap booking together. (If your results aren’t satisfactory, then you know the test is floozy!

Discuss with each other what you think of the book. Take a compatibility test online and see if you are still a perfect match. It’s not easy to dine comfortably with someone when nothing is in sight.You must be absolutely at ease with your dinner date, knowing that conversations will keep coming through while you engage your other senses during the meal.PS: There’s also an urban beach pop-up so you can You’ve probably taken the Singapore Flyer, but have you dined in the capsule?The Premium Sky Dining Flight includes a four-course dinner and a butler.Seated in a pitch-black dining room, in the comfort of your company, you will be served their exquisite European menu crafted from the finest ingredients.

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