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- 0 will be due at the Captain's Meeting, which covers the first 10 players. Outfielders must stay on the outfield grass until the ball is in play. find the Zen balance between getting drunk and talking with your friends and over-achiever agro-ref… Each additional player is after that, due beginning of the season. Games end after 7 innings , or at the top of the hour, whichever occurs first regardless of who kicked first or how many outs you have. It is up to the umpires’ discretion as to what constitutes a bunt. Players ARE allowed to leave the baseline to avoid being pegged, but within reason—it does NOT automatically count as an out. Trash talk is allowed if clever or witty, but never trite or violent. A foul pop-up does not become fair if a fielder drops it. An egregious violation will result in the kicker being awarded first base and all runners advance. Defensive players must make every attempt to catch fly balls on the infield.

The ' Le Kickball Le Captains' page on Facebook is a great place to do that! A game can be played and won if you are short in numbers..not short in ladies. However, a pegged runner or teams on the sidelines cannot intentionally obstruct the ball.

- Season will start Monday, July 31 and run through the end of October. -The Commishes" Le Rules of le Kickball Requisites: A positive ‘tude and a sweet outfit.

- Captain's meeting will be on Monday, June 12 with location TBA. Once the ball is back on the pitcher's mound, and in control by anyone on the fielding team, the play is over. However, there are no time limits in post-season games. Kicking order must always be maintained and alternated by gender. No leading off or stealing unless you’re under 12 or over 60. If a kick is called bunt, it counts as a foul, and NOT an automatic out. Pegging the runner with the ball is allowed, HOWEVER headshots are illegal. Swerving, jumping and sliding are OK to avoid the ball 12. …After 7 innings, if there is a tie, the game is over. An intentionally dropped ball will result in the runner being safe and the kicker being called out. After each game, the umpire can award up to one half point in the standings per team for good sportsmanship/style.

We're looking into a quieter space than the Silver Dollar, so we're not yelling. - There will be no league-sanctioned preseason this year, but teams are welcome to organize their own scrimmages. Once the ball hits a runner, the runner is out, but the ball is LIVE!

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