Goth geek dating

But it's human nature to rank, order and feel superior to another.

People who look like giant teddy bears are easy targets—unlike, say, that ZZ Top-like biker dude who plays Warhammer. Another explanation: Geeks got picked on after school and picked last for the kickball team, so maybe subconsciously they can't help but wreak revenge on the innocent and seemingly weak.

I was just looking for anyone's ideas of why Goth Geek Guys are so irresistable.

Does it have something to do with the quality of paleness one can only achieve through hours of gaming (be it a console or a computer addict).....? Being Goths it means good taste in both music and clothes.

There were others discussing geek boys in another thread. My last bf wasn't bad to look at, but he used to get all grumpy and start complaining if I was geeking out with friends for too long.

Maybe you should search for it using the search button above and see what they said? Goth geeks not only have some sort of fashion sense, but they can still mange to hold an intelligent conversation. I think it has to do something with geeky male-goths not appearing so grumpy all the time...

When she says she'll be ready in five minutes, she means five minutes.

Unless she gets caught up doing a Sporcle or something strange – then you’ve got to just roll with the punches, so to speak.

Geeks are often pretty happy people that has no need to go around and be depressed and hate stuff at all times.

Perhaps the girls who like gothgeeks do it because they are tired of the "stereotype" serious-malegoth sitting in a corner writing dark poetry.

tend to be the misfit toys of the social hierarchy, and are often some of the most accepting, open-hearted, welcoming folks around, some not-so-nice discrimination does occur.

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