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Von Miller is going on the offensive -- trying to block a woman from releasing a sex tape shot in Cancun ... The Denver Broncos superstar filed legal docs in L. County Superior Court under the pseudonym "Doe" -- but multiple sources confirm "Doe" is Miller.

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PM PT -- It looks like the judge agreed with Von ...

according to docs, a temporary restraining order was issued.

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That's when the woman gathered a team and tried to sell the video back to Von for $2.5 mil ... Miller's people also shot down the request and claimed the woman was trying to extort him.

Miller is now asking a judge to block the woman -- who lives in L. nadir today as he confirmed to the world that he’s an utter congo-bongo (defined in the urban dictionary as a female breast).His trek to the peak of that ‘challenging’ molehill was contained in his instruction to online media groups (initially via self-declared anti-porn tabloid The Daily Mail) that banning search terms is the “right thing to do” to fight the problem of child sex abuse and online images of paedophilia.Burleigh was never one to conjure with—as the head chef of Western Airlines, Burleigh was a chef who cooked for celebrities, rather than a personality in his own right.He cooked, we are told, for ‘many notables, such as Will Rogers, many times’. Well, further ‘s first reference to this ancient sport in English dates from a London proclamation of 1409, but it took a while to take off, and our revised entry contains around thirty new compounds detailing its emergence as a major cultural force in the nineteenth century.The game depicts a crudely rendered General Custer dodging arrows to reach a naked Native American woman tied to a pole.

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