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What’s better than latching onto your wingman or wing woman for another forgettable night out is trusting in your professional pedicab guide to chauffeur you and your potential hot dates around town to our favorite watering holes for a hilariously fun, fast paced afternoon of getting your flirt on and taking home a few numbers.But, yes, you can still bring those single housemates or coworkers of yours along.

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Luv Byrd founder Mike Keshian told the Summitthat strangers will be paired up to hit the slopes based on color-coded armbands that denote skiing ability and age.

If only the armbands would also reveal the daters who are most likely to spend the ride monologuing about an ex before revealing that, damn, they left their wallet at the lodge, so would you mind treating? Tickets are $48 and include not only the lift ticket but also a free beer, which, thank God.

I discovered a speed dating service in New York City that allows singles to select events based on (sometimes absurdly) specialized predilections, which, intriguingly enough, includes comedians. For this type of research, I figured were I to attend any niche speed dating event, "LOL Speed Dating: For Comedians and the Women Who Love Them" would undeniably be the most appropriate.

Even though browsing through On Speed's porn-like categories (MILFs? Ticket to LOL Speed Dating event Speed dating note sheet and "Are You Interested?

Setting Yourself up for Success Putting Yourself out There Having a Successful First Date Building on the First Date and Beyond Community Q&A It can be difficult to strike a good balance when dating.

How do you appear interested without coming off as desperate or needy?If the prospect of speed-dating doesn’t already sound like a death-defying feat, why not try speed-dating at a terrifying height with no (nonfatal) means of escape?On Saturday, the dating site Luv Byrd — which we are relieved to report is designed to connect outdoor-sports enthusiasts, not birds with the humans who love them — will host their second annual chairlift speed-dating event in Colorado.The stereotype of narcissistic, insecure, emotionally dysfunctional male comedians up to their nuts in women who want a funny, slightly famous train wreck to fix up (or just want to bang someone who's been on television) isn't completely unfounded, but it doesn't really apply to me nor the majority of comedians I've known Biblically. Dating is already so weird anyway, and if you're looking for something specific in a partner, or you have an insurmountable deal-breaker interfering with your fuck party, narrowing the search is practical and appealing.However, once the number of comedic notches on my bedpost reached double-digits, I had to at least consider the possibility that my chucklefucking tendencies were not entirely coincidental. So do I actually have a "thing" for comedians, or do many of the men I dig just happen to be comedians?Now, here’s how our 3rd Wheel Speed Dating Experience works….

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