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These occur seldom, if at all, in the other Germanic languages that began to appear in writing several centuries later.Gothic also shows no trace of the umlaut found in the later Germanic languages.

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(For more, please see English Gothic architecture c.1180-1520.)The heavenward urge of this new form of Christian art contrasted sharply with the massive, earthbound motifs of Romanesque structures.

The round arch, an expression of closed, self-contained movement, was replaced by the pointed arch, a symbol of the surge upward, the striving towards an unattainable goal.

The language is especially important for the study of the history of the Germanic language family because its records, except for a few scattered runic inscriptions, antedate those of the other for the Visigothic tribes living along the lower Danube.

The surviving manuscripts are copies probably made in northern Italy during the period of Ostrogothic rule (493–554).

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The language died out among the Ostrogoths after the fall of their kingdom in until the Arab conquest in 711.

Gothic has many archaic features, among which are dual number (a plural form expressing two persons or things as distinct from three or more), reduplication (repetition of part of a word) in one class of verbs, special vocative case forms in two classes of nouns, and passive voice forms in the verbs.

In Romanesque times the walls of the church stood as a solid bulwark against the forces of evil; the Gothic concept opened them up by enormous windows - in which connection see our short guide to Stained Glass Art and our article on Stained Glass, Materials/Methods - and reduced their significance by an intricate pattern of slender shafts, delicate traceries, buttresses and flying buttresses.

The westwork was abandoned in favour of a richly decorated Facade with one or two towers.

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