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Haliwell has a craving for things which are far away and foreign or for things she has never experienced before.Geri Halliwell wants to completely immerse herself in the feelings and tastes of a new place, rather than simply have facts or an intellectual appreciation.

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It was moronic, psychotic stuff, a symptom of a moronic, psychotic mind – but hey, it beat listening to ‘Northern Star’.

But then, bizarrely, Geri failed to reach the level of grasping fame of her mate Robbie.

First Mel C, then Kylie stole her thunder, while Halliwell retreated to a self-generated hinterland of post-fame burn-out, therapy and disturbing body restructuring.

The time away has drained her of any of the ‘fuck you, look at me, aren’t I great?

are a widely successful music industry management consortium currently forming a choreographed, singing/dancing, all-female pop act for a recording deal. During the session, Adams, Brown, Chisholm, Halliwell and Stephenson were selected to the band, initially named Touch.

A week after the second audition, the women were asked to attend a recall at Nomis Studios in Shepherds Bush, performing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" on their own and in a group.

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner looked full of romance as they posed together after the F1 Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo di Monza on September 7 in Monza, Italy, two months before their engagement Congratulations to Geri Halliwell.

The former Spice Girl is getting married and we couldn't be happier for her.

’ attitude of her first solo venture, where the excesses of having driven the planet’s spangliest pop juggernaut were still evident.

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