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"It's strange because I felt that feeling like when you just meet your wife, but I'd been married [to Sandy Mahl] for 13 months," Garth said of their first meeting in a 2013 interview on the Garth promised Trisha that she could open for him once he got a record deal, according to CMT.

Two years later, following the release of his first album, Garth kept his word and the two friends went on tour together.

"I never knew that everyday you could wake up and feel like this. Yearwood to thank for this."Brooks also opened up how he and Yearwood got together as they were both married to other people when they first met.

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, where he couldn't help but gush about Trisha Yearwood, his wife of almost eight years.

"I've got to tell you, I never knew it could be like this," Brooks said of their marriage.

After that, they made appearances together here and there, at events and restaurants.

Speaking with Ellen De Generes about the dissolution of his first marriage and his burgeoning relationship with Trisha, Garth has said: "You keep hacking [at marriage], you work and you work and then comes that time where you're looking at the rest of your life going, how do you want to live it?

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are currently country music's reigning power couple, but did you know the two have been friends since before either singer was signed by a record label?

The pair met in 1987 while recording a demo at songwriter Kent Blazy's attic studio and immediately hit it off.

The two wed at their house, in front of only family members.

“It’s the perfect Christmas gift to each other,” Brooks says of their nuptials.

“We could not be happier.” Brooks and Yearwood make it a point to make their anniversary a family affair. we married the girls,” Yearwood says, referring to Brooks’ three daughters, Taylor, August and Allie.

“So the five of us always celebrate together.” Happy anniversary to the happy couple!

He began dating Yearwood shortly after the divorce, and made a partial comeback in 2005— that same year, they married.'This was somebody I always enjoyed being around, and we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did.

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