Garmin problem keeps updating traffic receiver

I do think this whole system just doesn't work that well.

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I'm a bit over it and frustrated that the traffic receiver doesn't work.

Any tips to fix this easily Receivers don't break normally. Usually when I have traffic issues, it's normally glitch in software/firmware.

At this point you’re wondering why my wife and I wouldn’t use our respective phones for navigation. I’ve found that a phone works well if you’re willing to pay for the data charges related to downloading maps on the fly.

Though the advantage of that is that you tend to get up to date maps.

For the last few years, I’ve had a Garmin nuvi 1350LMT GPS.

It’s proven itself useful by allowing my wife to navigate to anywhere because she is shall we say “directionally challenged” and relied on printed maps to get her from point “A” to point “B”. Not to mention that I’ve used it to get around Toronto and various points in the province of Ontario as well. It not only started to display an error message that said “Accessory Not Supported” but the traffic function stopped working.

Such as I haven't had HD traffic for several months ever since Garmin updated to 3.3 then Garmin couple days ago came out with 3.8 and all of sudden I'm getting full bars.

PS if it's broken within 12months, you can get a replacement under warranty from Garmin.

Now there is an FM receiver that is built into the power cable for the GPS that I logically figured was the issue.

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