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Lord Fowler spoke of the incident as Downton Abbey’s Lord Grantham might have reported the hand-wringing of an errant under-gardener. Down at the other end of Westminster, the Commons felt oddly sated.

Speaking slowly enough to give us a flavour of his magnanimity, Lord Fowler said he had decided to accept young Bercow’s apology. Although he had more than 30 years’ record of standing up for minority rights, he said he did ‘not intend to argue the case for or against Mr Trump’s visit. Mr Bercow was in his over-sized Chair but he was a beast calmed, the Hulk restored to normality.

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The joke campaign (as it seems unlikely that one’s position on prison fears would really come up in an interview), was created by Adam&Eve DDB and breaks this weekend.

It is in keeping with the darkly witty tone of Harvey Nichols ad campaigns, which have included the multi-award winning, “Sorry I spent it on myself” of Christmas 2013, which picked up four Grand Prix at last year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Such was the House of Lords yesterday afternoon when its Speaker, Lord Fowler (Norman, as was) responded to John Bercow’s Monday tantrum over Donald Trump.

The little chap had grovelled – had been ‘genuinely sorry’. If Lord Fowler should find a severed baboon’s head down his bed in coming nights, it might not altogether be a surprise.

In Hotties defence , his ramps are done with humour and the best intentions , I could name you loads of aim ramblers who are far far worse ! So in summation stop bring a predictable , square ,boring ,kill joy, cus Jesus loves you and yes we want you to come to the celebration party because that's just the way we are but you better bring a case of Cristal too !

There are around two million children in Sweden, i.e. Their lives include many benefits – not only free schooling and fast internet connection, but also access to organisations that protect children’s rights.

The show stars a fictional British Indian family, including Madhuri and Ashwin Kumar (played by Indira Joshi and Vincent Ebrahim), their adult son Sanjeev (played by Sanjeev Bhaskar), and Sushila, Sanjeev's grandmother, normally referred to as Ummi (played by Meera Syal). The show's central premise is that Sanjeev's parents have supported his dream of being a television presenter by having a TV studio built on what used to be their back garden.

Running gags include Sanjeev's apparent social ineptitude, Ashwin's obsession with financial matters and his tendency to tell long stories with no real point, and Ummi's stories of her absurd exploits with her childhood friend Saraswati the bicycle (so named because of her contortionist skills).

Making a statement to peers, he said he had been telephoned by Mr Bercow that morning. What a pity he was not there in the Lords to hear it.

How deftly Lord Fowler put down his Commons counterpart. John Bercow, who normally tries to patronise all and sundry, had been given a delicious spanking.

Children’s Rights in Society (BRIS) offers support services such as telephone helplines, chat and email counselling.

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