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The message said there were nude photos of her posted online. To her horror, she found dozens of intimate photos of herself posted along with her full name, where she lived, and the name of her college. Once, while shopping at a local department store, a stranger recognized her and told her he liked her photos.

In New Jersey, sharing intimate photos of someone without their permission is considered harassment.

It’s hard to imagine the idyllic suburb of Basking Ridge, NJ as the epicenter of a teen sex scandal, but in May 2014, a sexting incident at William Annin Middle School had parents and educators up in arms over the distribution of nude photos among 13-year-olds. One month earlier, a 16-year-old West Orange boy and a 16-year-old Little Falls girl were each charged with distributing child pornography after their explicit conversations surfaced.

According to the authorities, the boy sent nude pictures and sexually explicit videos of his ex-girlfriend to the girl.

Unfortunately, Alicia’s relationship with John did not end there.

One day, Alicia received an email from an address she did not recognize. Not long after the photos were posted, Alicia found a pile of nude photos dumped in front of her college dorm.

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