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When informed that Laurence is intersex, she goes into a deep state of shock and soon dies.

Laurence reacts with great emotion and returns home to his cold father.

I myself am not this way, but I have read about those born with both male and female reproductive organs.

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So I've asked one of our Reasonable Faith volunteers who has done some thinking in this area to address your question.

I think you'll find his response below to be both interesting and illuminating.

Paternus now displays how Laurence's condition repulses him and expresses his regret that Laurence will never father a male heir.

He offers Laurence his inheritance in a premature bulk sum, if he will agree to allow Paternus to disown him.

Wm LCYour questions are good and important ones, Daniel, and unfortunately the Christian community at large tends to avoid questions like these.

Let me preface my comments by saying that I'm not an expert in this matter; nonetheless, I'll do my best to think clearly about the issues.

Complete androgen insensitivity prevents the penis and other male body parts from developing. The complete form of the syndrome occurs in as many as 1 in 20,000 live births. A person with complete AIS appears to be female but has no uterus, and has very little armpit and pubic hair.

At puberty, female sex characteristics - such as breasts - develop.

Laurence is not attracted to her and displays asexual tendencies.

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