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The group of 86 girls of class IX and X had gone on an indefinite strike, which lasted for over a week, demanding upgradation of the school in their village, saying they would face harassment and even molestation while travelling to the senior secondary school three kms away. The health of many of the fasting girls had also deteriorated.

Despite Sharma assuring on Monday that the school would be upgraded, the students had continued with the stir, saying that until they received official word from the government, they would not relent.

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"We fear harassment and molestation by youths of other villages and hence, we are demanding upgradation of our school up to Class XII," one of the protestors had earlier said.

Officials had earlier said the school could not be upgraded as it did not meet the condition of a minimum of 150 students required for the senior secondary level.

The study sifted through thousands of conversations. “It was not a surprise that safety was a big concern and became a bigger concern,” said Aditya Ghuwalewala, Maven Magnet founder.

“What was more surprising was that even after the accident, there was optimism that this was the next big thing.” Ghuwalewala added that people posting opinions online split over the responsibilities of human drivers and autonomous technology.

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a) Variable Amount Interface: Use this interface if you have already developed your shopping cart and you need exclusively for final amount authorization.Vous pouvez voir rapidement les modifications nécessaires pour passer de votre version actuelle à une version plus récente.Accéder à l’outil de mise à niveau de l’APICréez des campagnes Canvas sur Facebook au moyen de l’API Marketing.The striking girl students in Rewari's Gothda Tappa Dahina village today ended their stir after the Haryana government announced that their school would be upgraded to senior secondary level.A principal has been deputed in the Government High School at the village and the admission process commences tomorrow, Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said in a press conference today.Grâce à l’image, au son et au mouvement, le format vidéo permet aux annonceurs d’atteindre leurs objectifs de marque et de réponse directe de manière efficace.

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