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There are four basic laws of IR radiation: Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Planck’s law, and Wien’s displacement law.

The development of detectors was mainly focused on the use of thermometer and bolometers until World War I.

Kalee Thompson wrote, “Osprey’s kid packs are identical in size to REI’s and have most of the same features.

The Osprey packs cost more but arguably offer a couple of appealing upgrades to the REI designs that may be worth the extra cost if your kid is a more serious hiker and/or spends time hiking in hot weather.

It's like a World Cup penalty kick -- confidence is high.

Setting Up Your Phone for Better Pictures Setting Up Your Shot Community Q&A Whether it be a random, spur-of-the-moment snapshot or well-thought-out compositions, a camera phone is a valuable tool for photography.

Here’s a nice deal on one of our upgrade kids camping backpacks, matching the previous low price we featured last November.

We see these backpacks go on sale a few times a year, so we’ll probably see the Jet 12 on sale until the end of May.

Although unsuccessful in its intended application of submarine tracking by wake detection, it was applied to land-based surveillance and became the foundation of military IR linescan.

This work was further developed at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment in the UK when they discovered mercury cadmium telluride could be used as a conductor that required much less cooling.

One, while the REI pack’s bladder pocket is on the inside of the bag’s main compartment, Osprey puts the bladder pocket on the outside of the bag. If the bladder were to leak, it’s less likely to get other gear wet.

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