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one would argue that teens make up most of the record buying public so this makes economic sense, but this teeny-bopper mentality permeates almost all aspects of taiwan popular culture, well into adulthood.

The relevant authorities may also choose to grant an ARC to foreigners who fit none of the above categories on an ad hoc basis.

The ARC is issued by the National Immigration Agency.

One policy the Council of Labor Affairs has fundamentally revised: ARC Transfers. As a foreign teacher, you are allowed to stay in Taiwan due to your having been hired full-time by a school.

If you lost that job or quit, you would need to leave the country.

The electronic ARC cards replaced a paper version in 2007–8, and were intended to "not only bring new convenience to foreigners but would also contribute to the government's anti-forgery and anti-terrorism drives." A multiple entry permit is now included on the card, whereas previously it was stamped separately in the holder's passport.

The applicant may apply for a maximum of three years validity for the ARC, with some categories (for example missionary work or study) being limited to a maximum of one year at a time.

Some types of ARC (Joining Family or Teaching) require a medical examination conducted at an approved hospital.), or APRC available.

To obtain the APRC, residence (classed as 183 days or more in a year) must have been maintained for five years.

Teachers wanting to change schools should first be hired full-time by their new school (16 hours per week) .

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