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I love video games while having a cool beer on the side and listening to every genre of music there is.

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Learn More About Dating with Black Women Now a days trends for adult affair and dating to boss and co-workers.

It all started when I was an awkward, mercilessly ugly 12-year-old. My nose was too big for my face, my chest too flat for my frame, and my ass entered the room three feet behind me.

At the risk of generalization, this feature will deal with ways that guys can attract and hold onto girls, using facts that come from scientists.

Explanation: Girls can use body language on girls, and guys can use body language on guys. But when one gender tries to use it on the other, something baffling happens. In particular, guys do not speak whatever dialect of body language girls do.

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You, the reader, are probably a guy, and you are probably interested in dating girls, who are probably girls.

It gets all mixed up and ceases to communicate what it's meant to, like a Happy Birthday e-mail from an old person that turns into an unintelligible rant halfway through ("SO WATCH OUT 2014... For example: A girl sees a guy she finds attractive.

She tries to catch his attention from across the cafeteria with an interested glance, but the guy blanches and looks away.

I have a passion for people and learning so I love asking questions and hearing about you.

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