Flex validating combobox

Validation is best when it is active, to let the user know that they have made a mistake before they try to submit the data.

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I couldn’t find any great examples on the internet so I am posting the code to validate multiple fields with one validator.

tag is the SELECTED attribute, give it a value and it figures out which one to pre-select.

Coincidentally, while I was working on this, both Scott Stroz and Ray Camden posted solutions to the exact same problem.

Scott's solution involved calling a method to set the value, and I really think that the selected Value property should be used to be consistent with how Combo Box itself works.

Ray's solution allows for a property to be set (he defined a new property for this), but his solution would not work for me as my data Provider was being populated after the control had been created (it is being populated by a call to a CFC). It's bit more complex than what Scott and Ray suggested, but it does support selected Value, it'll also allow that property to be changed as needed (even after control creation), and it also properly handles delayed data Provider population.

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Every form I’ve written carries the same structure for validation, so as a dedicated lazy programmer I wrote a simple Form Validator class to handle the boilerplate.

I obviously wanted to use one validator for all of the email addresses since they all need to be validated the same way.

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The Adobe Flex Functional Test Module is fully integrated with the Open Script platform including the Results view, Details view, Properties view, Console/Problems views, Preferences, Step Groups, Script Manager, and Workspace Manager.

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