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There was a time when it wouldn't crop up until at least the third date. ” It's a fair question: what do her feminist beliefs mean in the context of your relationship? OK, maybe I'm projecting because he has REALLY NICE EYES, clearly loves his dog, and gushes over both his single mother and his female co-stars with equal awe.But “I am feminist” is increasingly a matter of first-date disclosure. But by gosh, that’s the kind of masculinity that gets this feminist’s motor running.Her name is Blithe, and she is a licensed prostitute.

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While men are more often than not completely unphased by this revelation, the usual response is something along the lines of: “OK. “Feminists expect men to work harder at a relationship.” Wrong.

Yet a survey of adults in heterosexual relationships conducted a few years ago by researchers at Rutgers University, New Jersey, found that men with feminist partners reported greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction. That's because he has this innate male energy, a powerful emotional capacity, is aware of his own needs and those of his partner.

Yet still, we are completely obsessed with understanding what the trends are in sensuality. I am still waiting for “Chubby and anxious is the new sexy” The truth is, everyone of those labels is completely right.…

Everytime I come across one of these headlines, I subconsciously search for traces of my own personality in the latest trend. Read the restas a recreational activity or a weekend luxury, I see it as a daily necessity.

Knox’s “greatest crime” as she relays it, is simply that she admitted to liking rough sex.

I think her greatest crime is that she’s a Libertarian (just kidding). There's no easy answer because “feminism” is a highly individual interpretation based on experience and preference. I just want a culture where girls and women are told that sexual pleasure is a natural part of being female. “Feminists aren't romantic.” Wrong, we can be strong AND soppy.We just want equality in terms of the time and energy invested in a relationship.In a blog post featured on the official site, Blithe writes, “Prostitutes are penis experts.There is no other group of professionals—not scientists, not academic researchers, not journalists—that have more experience viewing and handling a large number and wide variety of penises.” (Notably, she does not mention urologists, arguably the main penis experts, but you get her meaning, which she proceeds to spell out.)She adds, “Prostitutes are probably the only professional group qualified to comment on how penises of differing sizes and shapes feel when they are inside a woman.”Summarized below is Blithe’s account of the three most pervasive myths surrounding penis size.If there’s one thing to take away from the industry’s ever expanding market, it’s that the panic over penis size is real.

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