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The American Psychological Association notes that some of the challenges facing single-parent families arise from parents dating and forming new relationships with other adults.

If you're dating, or if you're considering dating again, you might be wondering how your new romances might affect the emotional well-being of your children.

Ambition, intelligence and good communication are her basic requirements.

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If there was a dad or other male caregiver in your early life, he probably set the first model of how a relationship with a man would be.

And for better or for worse, regardless of circumstances, children love their parents/caregivers unconditionally and accept the attachment and love that is (or is not! Our first attachment patterns shape our expectations for future attachments.

It's not that he's blatantly disrespectful on any level and as a single man, his behavior is far from inappropriate, yet she has learned well, and recognizes the contrast between how he has taught her to be loved and how he treats women in general.

Her father lavishes her with affection and attention, so she feels cherished.

Your little one might feel uneasy with displays of affection between you and your new friend.

These feelings can intensify if your friend begins spending the night at your home.

The first man every female bonds with is her father, and that imprints on her so strongly that any later relationships with men – including romantic ones – are filtered through that experience.

Daughters need to know that the first man in their life loved them unconditionally, as all her relationships with men will be patterned after that first love.

Many years ago, I sat with my family in the lobby of a restaurant waiting to be seated.

Out of nowhere, a very little girl toddled around the corner and walked straight up to my 6’5”, 325 lb. It was a scene straight from the movie Within seconds, a young man equal in size and stature to my dad rounded the corner and in a very deep, kind voice said to the toddler, “Rachel, where did you go?

The father-son relationship is universally seen as important – the world is aware that a boy needs a positive male role model as he grows into a man.

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