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Despite wanting to command attention on the night, it was his stunning daughter who managed to capture many's imagination with her effortless beauty.Clara is the eldest of Mc Gregor’s four daughters - her sisters are 15-year-olds Esther and Jamyan, who was adopted from Mongolia, and five-year-old Anouk - from his 21-year-long marriage.

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Jackson, and Liam Neeson all made appearances (the latter two via pre-filmed videos) at Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration, leading many to conclude that Disney is finally embracing the previously ignored blockbusters.

Fans hoped an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off with Ewan Mc Gregor was going to be announced.

In typical millennial fashion, she captioned the flesh-flaunting snap with a pineapple emoji alongside the word 'head'.

Clara has slowly been making her way into the spotlight over the past 12 months, having dipped her toe in the A-list world while accompanying her father to the premiere of Miles Ahead in 2016.

“I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American constitution.

said on 2/May/17 A few years back now, I was having a conversation in the video rental shop, and an oldish lady asked me whether I'd seen 'Eyes Wide Shut', and was it any good and doesn't it have that real-life couple in it, where the woman is much, much taller than the man?The woman replied, with a curious look on her face, "Sunday Roast? " I tried to convince myself that it was her hearing that caused the mistake, rather than my pronunciation, but if ever I say the name again, I'm going to be extra vigilant to word it CLEARLY! 60% of men and 90% of woman can make you feel like you stick out but she's pretty damn close to perfection in my book. That's how tall she said she was on 'The View.' said on 8/Nov/16 5'11 looks right, even in her older age.Today I'm going to give Nicole 5ft10.5, though I reckon she was at least 5ft10.75 at one time! That's how tall I would want to be if I was a woman! She's in my height range, I'm a solid 6ft tall guy, but can get around 6'1.5 with my dress shoes.said on 17/Apr/17 "I have this thing about liking to be small onscreen cause I hate being tall and I'm Five Ten and it's the one thing I've always hated my whole life is being really tall and taller than people." I don't blame her. Wouldn't want to date woman that tall though, I'd have to wear 2 inch heel shoes.said on 9/Jul/16 Why does women look so much taller then guys?Unfortunately, nothing transpired and the studio remained mute on any unannounced projects.

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