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Scratch, who has wreaked havoc on the team all season. T.” reboot, in which he is attached to star and serve as a producer. Moore’s return to “Criminal Minds” — even if just for one episode — will please fans, who were shocked by his exit last season.

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Swain said investigators are still reviewing surveillance footage of how Moore escaped."Usually, when we transport an inmate, one deputy is the driver and the other rides in the passenger seat," Swain said.

"And one of them stays with the inmate in the hospital."Moore was accompanied by only one deputy prior to his escape, Swain said.

Authorities are still searching for an inmate who escaped from custody while being treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center on Wednesday night."We definitely know he left the hospital with a waist chain and shackles on," said Sgt.

Sean Swain, a spokesman for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Proper law enforcement and other notifications were made so there’s a bunch of people looking for him,” including a canine unit Schuman said.

Buckel, who has a job as a janitor, is considered to be dangerous because he escaped according to Schuman.

A psychotic woman becomes dangerously jealous when her best friend begins dating a handsome man.

She will stop at nothing to keep the two apart, even if it means destroying their relationship or even murdering one of them.

Ancora is a minimum security facility not affiliated with the hospital of the same name.

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