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The following example shows how the validation rules for the Most validators have default error messages that will be added to the model being validated when its attributes fail the validation.

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For example, really work, you should declare validation rules for the attributes you plan to validate.

This should be done by overriding the yii\base\Model::rules() method.

06/09/2005 PM Sched Mgr: Error processing calendar profile document (Note ID: NT000020FA) in database maildjohnson.nsf: Cannot find user in Domino Directory 06/09/2005 PM Error validating user Debbie Johnson/wsi while processing calendar appointment (Note ID: NT00003BB6) in database maildjohnson.nsf: Cannot find user in Domino Directory The errors are quite simple. Her mail database is still active, but her person document does not exist in the Domino Directory.

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trait which provides a convenient method to validate incoming HTTP request with a variety of powerful validation rules.

To learn about Laravel's powerful validation features, let's look at a complete example of validating a form and displaying the error messages back to the user.

As mentioned previously, Laravel will automatically redirect the user back to their previous location.

In addition, all of the validation errors will automatically be flashed to the session.

First, let's assume we have the following routes defined in our method accepts an incoming HTTP request and a set of validation rules.

If the validation rules pass, your code will keep executing normally; however, if validation fails, an exception will be thrown and the proper error response will automatically be sent back to the user.

dim s as new Notes Session dim db as Notes Database dim prodoc as Notes Document set db=s. Get Profile Document("Calendar Profile" , "Debbie Johnson/wsi") call prodoc.

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